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Monday, 26 April 2010

Great Outfits: Blake Lively

Although it's not terribly considerate of her to show up at the premiere of a movie starring a famed literary detective, without even a WHIFF of mystery about her person. But, that's our Boobs Legsly. She is nothing if not committed to consistency. She is also rather brave, no? It takes guts to treat your thighs like an end table in a grieving dowager's musty drawing room. But our Boobs is undaunted. She will wear a corset pinned to lace that looks like a mourning veil thrown over some antique furniture. can't you just picture a lamp sitting on her right buttock? -- and she will smile about it, dammit. Although, given that a certain classic holiday movie features a fra-gee-lay lamp in the shape of a lady's leg, maybe she's just being both conceptual and seasonally apt. Mystery solved. Take that, Sherlock.

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