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Monday, 1 November 2010

Cam and Tom to Uzbekistan!



TOM: We're still doing this.

CAMERON: Still doing this.

TOM: Knight and Day.

CAMERON: Somehow, it's not dead yet.

TOM: I probably need a haircut.

CAMERON: My shoes kind of look like the bouncer at a nightclub put them on my feet so people would know I paid the cover charge.

TOM: But you still look hot in that dress.

CAMERON: And you look handsome.

TOM: At this point, that's really all these people can ask.

CAMERON: Is this movie going to haunt us forever, Tom? Will we be in, like, Uzbekistan in March, doing promo for this turd?

TOM: Yes, Cameron. Yes. They are going to wring us dry.

CAMERON: If that happens, I swear to God, I'm not bringing any heels. I might not even bring a dress. I might just wear flannel pants.

TOM: Amen to that.

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