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Monday, 1 November 2010

Mom Time for Naomi and Liev



LIEV: You do know we're not just in our living room right?

NAOMI: What, just because I don't have on a ton of makeup and my HAIR looks like I just passed out in a BEANBAG chair because our CHILDREN are really EXHAUSTING, and...

LIEV: No, you always look beautiful to me. I meant... those
NAOMI: What, my satin harem sweatpants with cuffs so tall I could use them as a really complicated and inconvenient beer koozie?

LIEV: Well, yes.

NAOMI: Listen, plays are long. I need to be comfortable. And look! Deep pockets! I can pluck a thigh hair and it gives my neck cords that really tense modely look.

LIEV: And with that, we are in Crazytown.

LIEV'S MOTHER: I really resent that I had to be here for this.

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