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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Erin's Closet

Erin's closet is mostly in her wooden dresser, not in her closet.
I don't want to take everything out of her dresser for my Style File study because that would be just a pain in the ass for both myself and for her.
Erin does have a closet however!
In her closet is a loud collection of clothing in no order really; a few dresses together here and a few shorts and tops hung up over there. Erin likes miscellaneous pieces that lean toward cute over edgy, modest over horny.

I did notice a naughty-yet-FABULOUS fashionista dress in Erin's closet that caught my eye and I am sure would catch others as well: a metallicly gold-glazed tiger print dress that hits the knee and hugs those curves. I won't tell you the brand because quite truthfully, only Erin can wear that dress to its awsome potential. Sorry ladies.

What makes this dress so fab is that it is just the right use of an animal print (tiger).
Animal prints in fashion tend to be too much. Designers need to learn how to design prints that aren't hard on the eye or are too obnoxious.

~This dazzling, sexy gold and black tiger print dress is not hard on the eye (this one is quite 'nice' on the eye!) or obnoxious.
~The gold glaze over the tiger print adds some allure over the punch of the tiger print inself. The straps have an gold glittering embellishment on each of the straps that bring the eye to her shoulders.
~The hemline is not too short. Dresses that are too short are just awful. This one hits the knee just right without exhausting the print out itself by making it a long dress. Long animal print fresses are a no-no. They are too confusing and take the attention away from the fashionista who wouldn't be a fashionista that time because of her Fashion Mistake. Erin does not make this mistake.
~The tiger print colors actually create contour and illuminate my cousin's Didn't-Even-Try-Yet Hollywood Tanned figure.
~The gold, bronze and black colors of the print and the print itself does not dominate/overwhelm her
~The design works for her body and tanned skin.
With all that said, this dress makes Erin dazzle across the room.

Ladies, make way for the Tiger Fashionista!

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