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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Dolce & Gabbana's Remix of Ksenia's Romantic Fashion

~Black velvet coat and skirt with gold thread piping...
~I love the chic austerity of this dress...the puffed sleeves, winged collar, and tight tailored silhouette

~This liquid gold colored jaquard dress does it for me- it makes me look good as gold.

~This is one of my favorite dresses ever. I love the silk-taffeta satin blend fabric, the gorgeous plum/purplish color, the dramatic puffed sleeves, puffed to puff perfection...and the black grosgrain belt. I am fanning myself here.

~Dolce&Gabbana remix Romanticism with loud neons, sparles galore, puffy puffed oh puffed sleeves and finishes of black.

~This dress is not for a wallflower. It is for a Romantic fashionista who wants and flaunts attention. This glamourous and sexy neon pink satin body hugging dress is eye-catching!
The lighting makes this dress even more bright.
A black bow tied at the waist is quite a Romantic Fashionista thing to do

~The pink neon fur is nuts- come on, how much would/could someone wear that?
*Word for the wise, listen up fashionistas, unless you are Lady GaGa or Juliette Lewis, please do not wear neon fur. Yes it is a pop (BLAST) of color much needed to this Romantically gothic lace dress, but please be practical and realistic.

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