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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Family Style

I am currently visiting my cousins. Oh, the joys of looking through their closets! Looking through your friends or family's closets is a great way to get to know somebody. We can tell a lot about a person by the clothes they wear, but what about their closet?
When looking through someone's closet:

~Look for patterns (lots of scarves over handbags, color block dresses over print dresses)
~The climate of where the person lives (if they live in Alaska and they have tons of tank tops and mini skirts the Polar Bears must have stolen their coldweather climate fashion or the person is just an idiot)
~Anything particular (a pair of vintage hot pants from the 70's amoungst prom dresses)
~How it is organized (by color, brand, random, type, matching, occasion etc.)
~What the closet actually looks like (organized by a professional, fancy organization or none)
~The amount of clothes (quality over quantity, quantity or quality or a mix)
~The brands (are they designer lovers, a mix or do they stay loyal to one brand)
~The sizes of the clothes (you can tell the gradual weight gain or loss or, well either)
~What they like (duh!)
~What they don't like (what is contrary or absent in their closet)
~The age of the person (why are there frumpy Hilary Clinton pant suits when the person is 22?)
~What items look unused or barely worn (why? is the question)
~What items are most used (why? is the question)
~Are there still tags? (Why?)
~The gender of the person (how their style reflects their gender etc.)
~What do they have too much of? Too little of?
~What do they need/should get to improve it or update it?

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