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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Leigh's Closet

Just by walking into Leigh's closet I can tell something is off.

1 Doesn't live here anymore and is off at college and took most of her fashion to college
2 Just has a sucky closet in itself
3 Wears all of her clothes at once and then puts them all back into her closet at the end of the day (this is highly unlikely)
4 Someone stole all of Leigh's clothes
5 Is hiding her clothes (possibly from me. Who knows...)
6 Forgot she even has a closet
7 The closet is evil and won't let her put her stuff in it
8 Is a slob
9 Cares more about her room than her closet
10 All of these options are bullshit exception option 1

What is the truth to this mystery of this closet?

Option 1! Leigh has gone away to college and has taken most of her fashion with her.
What she left is just a bunch of whonoswhats shoved in a few cubbies and on the floor.
She has a few tops that I can tell she doesn't wear anymore as they are too small or out-of-date. She has one outfit hung up and the rest in her duffle bag that she brought back home for a visit from college.

Leigh tends to wear the Rolandeli signiture t-shit/top with a pair of shorts and sandals/flip-flops. Despite my investigation and study, I do not have enough Style File evidence to fully study her closet.

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