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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Trisha's Closet

I briefly studied Trisha's closet. She likes prints (vivacious but not obnoxious) on her dresses, flats (zebra and cheetah) and on her bikinis.

She has a lot of knits- I asked her why. She said that in North Carolina, it is hot in the summer, cold in the winter. The climate of where the person lives highly affects the closet. Trisha has quite a bit of knits, long sleeve or even short sleeve.

A key piece in Trisha closet, her go-to piece is The T-shirt/Top. Trisha has enough to feed a rhino. Her t-shirts are stacked all over each other on a board above her hanger line. She has lots of sports team shirts that say a team name or a school, which I can presume is hers. Ha! I know where she went to school now and that she likes UNC and Duke, played soccer and previously basketball. Trisha is an athlete allright! Shirts tell quite a bit here!

Her clothes aren't specifically arranged, but still, her closet is navigatable. She has a stub for belts on the wall. When I noticed the absence of scarves, she told me she wasn't much of a scarfer (a person who loves/wears scarves). She has a plop of bikinis, all of bright colors and some prints; this girl likes to get her tan!
She showed me her new houndstooth baby blue and white skirt; baby blue and white are the colors of her university. By her skirt, I can tell Trisha is proud of where she attends college because she herself pointed out that the skirt was her school's colors. She also is creative in finding a way to express that, and she did through a houndstooth mini skirt with her school's colors (despite of all possible college appearel out there. But I am sure she has a t-shirt of her college amoungst all her shirts!).

I looked at her shoes. Mostly sandals and flats. She has a few strappy sandals and heels; one pair of wedges. I can assume she doesn't really like wedges too much because she only has one pair.
I look at her pants/shorts section. She loves her shorts! Athletic, denim, colorful ones and 'just hang'n 'round the house' shorts and sweats. She has a few pairs of jeans. I can tell my cousin's main outfit is a t-shirt/top and a pair of shorts with sandals/flip-flops. Honestly, that is what I see her in most of the time anyway.

One thing in her closet that I found particular was a purple straw sombero. Trisha does not seem like a sombero fiesta chicita. I asked Trisha and she said 'oh that's just from..."
Well, she didn't answer my question but she did give me the impression that the sombero is just...in her closet and that is the only reason why. It physically is there and just hasn't been removed.

Trisha is moving to college, so her closet might not be an entirely legitimate source of Style File evidence, but it is enough to know that Trisha likes to keep her style casual but she does like to have fun. Her playfulness mostly comes through from her dresses. She has cute mini-dresses; dresses that aren't too revealing but show her legs; 'you can see a bit of my legs but not too much ha ha' dresses. This playful spieces of dress is great to tease all those who oogle.

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