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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Andrew and Emma: Love on the Bleachers

I’ve done a lot of shit in bleachers – cutting class, meangirling, several love arguments, drama rehearsal – but I cannot remember if I’ve ever kissed in them.

But I do love the bleachers. I love it when Heath Ledger sings across the bleachers to Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You. I love when Gary Bertier’s mother walks into the bleachers during the championship game after her son is paralysed in Remember the Titans. For some reason I always think Molly Ringwald is sitting in the bleachers when Andrew McCarthy’s Blaine comes to talk to her in the rough kids section of school. They should make an entire movie, like a Love Actually style movie, in the bleachers. Is there a bleacher montage somewhere out there? They should make that too. And include this scene out of the new Spider-Man, featuring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, shooting yesterday in LA.

Now I don’t normally find Garfield attractive, but this is the most attractive I’ve ever found him. Maybe it’s because he’s sitting in the bleachers. Maybe it’s the way he’s sitting. I like the way his body lounges. Maybe it’s Emma. Emma improves everyone. Maybe it’s how they seem to be pacing this kiss, all tentative and sweet, and super sexy, as he leans deep left into her face without reaching up to touch it – the hand to cheek/neck then kiss move seems to be so overused lately in movies, non? Total overkill.

Suddenly I’m extra a lot excited to see this Spidey.

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