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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Kate and William Look Awkward on a Coin

Critics are screaming "off with their heads" at Britain's Royal Mint's renderings of Kate Middleton and Prince William on a commemorative wedding coin. Some observers charge that it makes the princess-to-be look "plump" and has her royal fiance sporting "Elvis" hair.

That's not all: UK newspapers are suggesting Middleton's visage looks like she had her lips inflated and one royal watcher compared Prince William's minted resemblance to former Vice President Al Gore.

The Daily Mail notes that while the couple's official Mario Testino engagement photos were tastefully airbrushed, the coins have rendered the couple unrecognizable. Middleton looks "masculine" while her upper lip has been "plumped beyond" recognition.
The tabloid gives the mint kudos for discreetly disguising the prince's thinning hair, but complains his "Adam's apple matches the size of his nose." Ouch!

The Mirror complained that Middleton looks "chunkier and older" on the coin and said that while Prince William came out handsomer than his future bride, "he has been engraved with what seems to be an Elvis Presley quiff."

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