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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Amusing Red Carpet Moments

The only person who looks normal here is Mike Tyson. What has the world come to?

Alas, a picture of Ken Jeong not Jeonging around. Here he is with his wife. Aren't they so cute?

Ken Jeong is Jeonging around here. Jeonging is a new term for Ken Jeong doing anything similar to this.

I know, I know, many of Ken's movie roles consist of similar poses and looks such as this, but Ken Jeong is officially awesome. I adore him.

Ah, it's Adrien Brody again. I love ya onscreen, but offscreen, you just can't dress. Here you look like a Persian pimp or a douche bag. Either one. Both.

Adrien Brody is a great actor, not dresser. His chest hair is forming the shape of breasts. That's why we COVER IT UP. What's up with the red scarf? Are you part of the Soviet Youth Program? No. No. No.

Josh Brolin can give the Heimlich maneuver to his wife Diane Lane and still look sexy.

KRISTEN STEWART: I look great.

TAYLOR LAUTNER: I'm wearing layers.

K.STEW: Yeah, but don't I look great? Like, I'm proving I can be hygienic and still edgy at the same time?

T.L.: See, if one more person asks me to go shirtless, I'm going to scream, okay? So Rome gets jacket AND shirt. Deal with it.

K.STEW: You're totally missing the headline here.

T.L.: I am HOPING I will miss headlines like, "Lautner Looks Tautner."

K.STEW: Would you just please stop fixating on the abs that made you famous and check out how awesome I look? I don't shower for just ANYONE, you know.

T.L.: Now I know how Rob felt about his hair. I swear, as soon as we're done with Breaking Dawn, I'm eating Wendy's for two months.

K.STEW: Fine. FINE. Ignore my efforts. But if I decide to quit bathing again and wear only solar-paneled skirts from now on, you have only yourself to blame.

Aren't John Krasinski and Emily Blunt a cute couple?
Well, yes, but I'm distracted by post-coital Streep and a certain Baldwin in the background.


ELIJAH KELLEY: Uh... yeah, hey there, Zac.


ELIJAH: Sure. You too, buddy. Hey, I've been meaning to ask you...


ELIJAH: I haven't even said anything yet.

ZAC: I LOVE this guy. He is THE GUY.

ELIJAH: Seriously, listen, this has been bothering me for a while now. Is this just how you look naturally, or do you actually wear four tons of stage makeup every time you leave the house?

ZAC: The WORLD is my STAGE! I am the musical star of the DECADE! High School Musical!

ELIJAH: Okay...well, don't get too close. I look pretty sharp in this eggplant color and I don't want any of that rubbing off on the fabric.

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: So listen up, here, Ricci. I'm going to tell it like it motherf***ing IS.

CHRISTINA RICCI: What? You don't like the dress? Are you kidding me? I didn't get all dolled up in this pretty fuchsia gown just so...

SAMUEL L.: Chill out, Christina, you look great, but I'm going to tell you one thing: It's motherf***ing COLD outside!

CHRISTINA: I know, but seriously, I look totally hot, and I just thought-

SAMUEL L.: Listen, I know you thought, "Oh, Samuel L. is a wacky old mess, showing up in that weird motherf***ing argyle sweater..."

CHRISTINA: It DOES look a little bit like you stole it from the notebook of the Physics Club president, who was designing it for their national competitions.

SAMUEL L.: Did I ask for your motherf***ing input? I don't CARE if you think my sweater looks like it's waiting for some snot-nosed 16-year old motherf***er to go through a gangsta-thermodymanics phase, o-motherf***ing-kay?


SAMUEL L.: And I don't CARE if you're motherf***ing tired of seeing me with motherf***ing hats on, and I don't EVEN care if my coat looks to you like I think I'm in motherf***ing Wisconsin hunting motherf***ing deer. You get me?

CHRISTINA: It's...a little help here, anyone?

SAMUEL L.: I'm Samuel motherf***ing L. motherf***ing Jackson, okay? And not only do I wear whatever the motherf**** I want, but I look motherf***ing FINE in it, too, because I am a BAD-motherf***ing-ASS. And what this bad-motherf***ing-ass wants to tell you is, you look COLD in your sleeveless dress with your pink frostnipped frozen face, okay? So maybe you should faux-fur-line that motherf***er, or buy a hat, or a motherf***ing mathlete-quality argyle sweater, before your arms fall off. CAN YOU MOTHERF***ING DIG IT?

CHRISTINA: You know what? You're right. It is cold, and my face is about to freeze off. I can dig it, Sam L., I motherf***ing CAN!

SAMUEL L.: Damn, girl, watch your language. There's really no call for that kind of talk. Lord! Somebody get this girl some mouth-soap.

Jessica Biel is in The A-Team? I had no idea there even were any women in The A-Team. In fairness, I may be distracted by Bradley Cooper's abs in the ads. Also distracting:

Is that...a napkin tied around a lace bustier? Because it looks like a dinner napkin haphazardly tied around her breasts, perhaps in the aftermath of an unfortunate table candle/bodice/pinot grigio incident. (Who HASN'T set her breasts on fire whilst innocently attempting to better read the happy hour menu?). Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Yep. Dim lighting in restaurateur = need to peer closely at menu = candle = flames = fiery bodice destruction = haphazard construction of top from dinner napkin.

R.PATTZ: Hello. I must say your hair is looking much better.

EMILIE DE RAVIN: Better than what?

R.PATTZ: On Lost right now it looks like two eagles had a fight in it over who got to nest there.

EDR: Well, but on Lost right now, I am batshit crazy.

R.PATTZ: Yes, but you seem to have picked up a few other ideas from your character. Isn't that a Dharma regulation tarp you've tied up at your thighs?

EDR: This coming from a person whose sideburns look like his ear sneezed.

R.PATTZ: Well.

EDR: Well.

R.PATTZ: Now this is kind of awkward.

EDR: I know. Especially because your girlfriend Kristen is standing over there and I think she wants to gut me like a fish.

R.PATTZ: Oh, she just hates these red carpet things.

EDR: Are you sure? Because you know, we supposedly hooked up during shooting.

R.PATTZ: I know.

EDR: Maybe it's just those pants that are making her angry, and not me.

R.PATTZ: No, it's probably you. Although they are terrible pants.

EDR: Are they brocade?

R.PATTZ: You didn't give her any Dharma Initiative Khaki Dining-Room Chair Covers, did you?

EDR: I think we should stop talking before she sics a Dharma Initiative Polar Bear Of Murder on me.

R.PATTZ: Done.

JENNIFER ANISTON: Wait, where do you want us to stand?

GERARD BUTLER: Over where?

JENNIFER: ALL the way over there?

GERARD: But if we stand over there, you won't be able to take our picture! You're gonna want a shot of this! She's dressed like she's attending the annual Hot Topic Vampire Prom for Grades 7-10!

JENNIFER: And he's TOTALLY going to grab my butt six to twelve separate times!

GERARD: You guys are gonna NEED THAT PICTURE!

KATIE HOLMES: Why am I doing this? Why am I doing ANY OF THIS? What has happened to my life that I am being bodily escorted places while wearing a bathing suit cover-up?

TOM CRUISE: Just don't laugh at her shoes. Just don't laugh at her shoes. Just don't laugh at her shoes.

Need I say more?

Anyone- even Queen Elizabeth II of England- will look like Big Bird when they wear yellow-on-yellow.

Tom and Katie do look scarily alike. Really, when you think about it.

Victoria, I love you, but not this look. You look like Jack Skillington from a Nightmare Before Christmas.

The upward eyes, lipstick and whiteness...

Phil Spector, you scare me with your horrifying hair that looks like a dandelion- I'm giving you benefit of the doubt.

Mel, cut it out, you don't want to look like V from V for Vendetta.

Fortunately, Ryan Gosling's IMDB page claims he was filming a movie called Lars and the Real Girl, the one-line summary of which appears as follows: "A delusional young guy strikes up an unconventional relationship with a doll he finds on the Internet."

At the risk of offending anyone with upper-lip hair -- it's not personal; it's situational, a face-by-face case -- that synopsis would seem the appropriate context for a mustache so cruelly rendered across an otherwise intriguing face.
I'd like to take this moment to thank Great American Actor Al Pacino for kindly demonstrating for us the dangers of too much bronzer. These horrifying photos were taken a mere day apart. Behold! Beware! Bewail!

"And yes, burnishing myself, Ryan Reynolds, to the color of Cosmo Kramer as a turkey WAS a deliberate stylistic choice."

These shiny pants would be a crime against a 57-year old groin, much less one belonging to a spry under-40 like Anthony Hamilton. Seriously, dude, if you pull those up any higher you'll be infertile.

KEIRA: Um, Sienna? What are you doing?

SIENNA: Shh, be quiet. I'm trying to do your silent pouty thing where you look kind of coy and cross and hungry all at once.

KEIRA: Not bad, not bad. But it's better when you open your lips up a little bit.

SIENNA: You mean, like this?

KEIRA: Yes, much better. See how bony our cheeks look? And how it looks like we're about ten seconds away from delivering a disparaging quip?

SIENNA: I love this. I'm going to do it forever.

KEIRA: If you do, I'd appreciate it if you didn't sully my trademark with those weird sleeves. In some lights they look plastic. And are those... bugs? Snakes?

SIENNA: Bollocks, I don't know. I just assume I look fantastic in everything so I don't really pay attention.

KEIRA: Also, I don't wear shirts as dresses. Just a tip if you're going to keep trying to replicate my face.

SIENNA: But you DO look like the star of a cheesy televised ballet about the ghost of a girl who drowned in Swan Lake. Why is the bodice detail of your dress somewhere down around your lower rib cage?

KEIRA: I don't know. I ALSO tend to assume I look fantastic and don't pay attention. Isn't that weird? We're like SISTERS.

SIENNA: Yes! Really hollow-cheeked sisters. Bloody brilliant. Let's go inside and chew on some air.

"What? James Dean was a rebel without a cause; I, Ed Westwick, am a rebel without socks. It's the same. Deal with it."

Keith Urban Leaves The Drugstore With A Bag of Cough Syrup And Three Boxes of Saltines."

I seriously can't wait for the premiere of Whoopi and Andre Talley Up the Goldbergs, the new reality series about Whoopi and ALT's roadtrip through America in search of all of Whoopi's long-lost relatives, premiering this fall on Oxygen.

This is obviously from the episode where they accidentally join a religious cult.

You know you're in dire straits when Kevin Smith is the best looking guy in the picture. And yet he totally is. He appears clean -- both in the sense of "washed" and "not strung out on smack" -- and he doesn't seem to careening recklessly toward death like Fugfleck and Jason "I'm Off Heroin, If By 'Off' You Mean 'Totally Still On'" Mewes. I mean, is Smith fat? Sure! Is he fatter than ever before? Probably! But at least he trimmed that gnarly beard and appears to have a working relationship with soap. The other two fools? Not so much.

For the love of God, Ben Affleck, look in the goddamned mirror and get a damned grip on yourself.

He's bloated! He's sunburned! He's disoriented! He's got a pen tucked behind his ear! What next?

WILL: You. Are. FINE.

ROSARIO: Thanks, Will.

WILL: I don't let just anyone stand next to me, you know. I am a dapper cat. I need someone who can hold their own against the heat of my charm and suavitude. I mean, paisley? Could anyone else wear paisley? No. But I am WORKING this paisley. I have given this paisley a sensual massage and now we've moved on to champagne and strawberries and edible panties.

ROSARIO: Sure! It's true that you're very smooth, Will. I'm happy to be here with you.

WILL: But damn, Rosario, I'm serious here -- you glow. If I weren't already in a happy heterosexual marriage and equal partnership that is indestructible against the force of any human foibles, I would be all OVER you. I mean, in that dress, you look like a bridesmaid, a bit. But in a HOT way. It WORKS. You're the sexy bridesmaid at the wedding that all the groomsmen decide they're going to try and hook up with after the reception, but none of them do because I get there first and woo you with sensitive conversation, sharp wit, and my mad love skills.

ROSARIO: Thanks! You are good for my ego.

WILL: I KNOW how to stroke an ego, baby. I am the master of romance. I will pour scented oil on that ego and light candles and then....

ROSARIO: Yeah, yeah, I get it, you're the man, you'll massage it and then there's champagne and panties. Noted. Now can we go inside and get this show on the road?

WILL: Not until we get one more picture of this hot love triangle between you, me, and my paisley. The world needs to SEE how it's DONE. YOUR MOVE, BECKHAM. I dare you to pull this off, boy.

ROSARIO: This is going to be a long night.

Miss Teen South Carolina tried to be gracious to everyone but the photographers would say, "to your left, your left!" And then quickly say, "your other left" despite the fact that the poor girl was standing still.

For some reason they didn't pull that crap with Common.

Yep, it's me Chris Brown. I'm even pointing to myself. I'm so cool that I wear my hoodie on the red carpet. That's me yo.

Martin Scorsese (L) hugs Stephen Spielberg in front of George Lucas (guy with poufy 'do and grandpa glasses). This is picture to me looks like Martin is going in for the kiss with Steven.

Jodi Foster says "See, that's how you gun them down."

Kyle Gass is real sexy. No wonder she is walking away.

Justin Long is possessed.

Is it just me or does Will Smith appear (from this view) to be copping a feel?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Come on, everyone. I DARE YOU.

KRISTEN STEWART: Dare them to what? Ask if we're sleeping together?

TAYLOR LAUTNER: Oh, please God, no. I so don't care if you're sleeping together.

K.STEW: Right? BORING. I'm not even interested in whether we're sleeping together, at this point.

R.PATTZ: I'm so bored of us that my boredom comes back around to being arousal.

K.STEW: Ew. Not mine.


K.STEW: LOOK AT YOU. I am not sleeping with you again, by which I mean for the first time, until you shower and shave.

TAYLOR: THANK YOU. It had to be said.

R.PATTZ: Well, I'm not sleeping with YOU ever again, or for the first time, until you go back to wearing Converse and tight jeans and not brushing your hair. You look like you're playing dress-up in Zoe Saldana's closet.

K.STEW: I think I look nice. And clean. And event-appropriate. AND CLEAN.

R.PATTZ: No no, I like my girls to look troubled and ill-rested and as though they're still coated in the sweat from our fervent horizontal joyride. You know, like me.

TAYLOR LAUTNER: It's okay, we're in this together.

KRISTEN: I forgot how intense this is. I think some 40-year old mother just asked if she could feed my hair to her sick child.

TAYLOR: Where's Rob?

KRISTEN: I'm not doing photos with him tonight. It's too intense.

TAYLOR: What is? The pandemonium? Or the urge to rip off his clothes?

KRISTEN: EW. TAYLOR. Rob is like FAMILY to me.

TAYLOR: Sorry.

KRISTEN: The kind of distant-second-cousin family that it was okay to marry back in Elizabethan times.


KRISTEN: Just shut up and tell me I look pretty.

TAYLOR: You DO look pretty!

KRISTEN: Thanks for sounding so surprised.

TAYLOR: Whoops. You ARE totally pretty. I mean it. The dress is even sort of interesting. It kind of looks like something you might have borrowed from Selena Gomez's closet. Not that I would know ANYTHING about what's in her closet, of course.

KRISTEN: Of course.

TAYLOR: Your hair is an awful mess, but you know what? This might be the best it's looked in a while, even so, and frankly I think you're just stuck with it until that horrible Joan Jett hairdo grows out. What were you THINKING wearing your hair like this to this premier?

KRISTEN: I just got sick of being Bella.

TAYLOR: Fair enough.

KRISTEN: So I look okay?

TAYLOR: I think you do. I mean, it's always weird seeing you in a dress.

KRISTEN: RIGHT? That's why I'm changing into leather and an undershirt at the post-party.

TAYLOR: Shoot. Speaking of being naked, I think we've been spotted.

ROBERT PATTINSON enters scene, sees Taylor with arm around Kristen:


Any hint of finger guns must be celebrated. If Kristen Stewart had gone through all her Twilight press giving finger guns, our relationship would have gotten off on wholly another foot. I find finger guns hilarious -- both ironically, and then in a way that comes around to being totally non-ironic, sort of the way I love That 70's Show because it's terrible but I also actually legitimately really love That 70's Show and think it's awesome. My friend Katherine actually managed to get finger guns into her college ID picture. It was amazing. Especially as my high school ID could have been subtitled: A Study in Perspiration.


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