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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Ken Jeong Jeonging Around

Ken Jeong is thinking: Dwayne, the Rock, you may think you're a thumb's up kind of guy, but I just think you're a douche.

Wait how did I end up in this position?

Can the NIH make a Mini-Me of Ken Jeong? Please.

Attempting to run from the paparazzi. That only works for actors who play vampires.

Some have argued that Ken isn't Jeonging around in this photo- but he is. He is imitating Gabby Sidibe's posture and copying Rob Reiner's facial expression. Genius.

No I won't spank you bro.

I can't help but think that if Ken wasn't already married, this would be his online dating picture.

"Hey, my name is Ken Jeong. I am a doctor, a comedian, and I hit Bradley Cooper with a pipe on the head. Hello." Irresistible no?

Ken, please don't hurt Aubrey Plaza or Anna Kendrick behind you with your mic.

Imitating a confused Kim Jung Il is not a good idea.

This is soooo gross yet funny. I can't believe I'm actually laughing along with him. At him too.

Ken, your MTV Movie Award isn't a football.

Jeonging around with his WTF MTV Movie Award. What better object to do this pose than a WTF award, Ken.

'Jeonging' is a new term for Ken Jeong doing anything strange, 'particular' or funny.

I love Ken Jeong. He has been in so many movies in the last 3 years that he is no longer 'that funny Asian guy.' Most famously he was Leslie Chow in The Hangover. He also had supporting roles in Knocked Up (Dr. Kuni), Step Brothers. Pineapple Express (ninja assassin), Role Models (King Argotron) and the television show (2009-2011) Community (SeƱor Chang). Ken Jeong has been blending comedy & medicine all of his life. After graduating from Duke University & attaining his MD at the University of North Carolina, Ken completed his Internal Medicine residency in New Orleans while developing a cult comedy following. After moving from New Orleans to LA, Ken started his Hollywood career in 1997.

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