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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Kristen Stewart and the Hairtie

Here is Kristen Stewart promoting Twilight in Stockholm. I love the corset detail on this Zac Posen dress. What I love even more the hair tie around her right wrist. On a more manufactured starlet, that would have been removed. I love Kristen Stewart even more for her hairtie down-to-earthness. See, we can all relate to the times when you just want to throw your hair back and get it off your face. Take a look (at other closer pics) and you can tell she’s been using it for a while because it's worn. Probably because it’s her last. There’s a desperation you feel when you’re away from home on your last hair tie. It’s like you never want it out of your sight.

I am also worried because there is a white missile heading toward Taylor Lautner's gorgeous bronze face and that there is a creepy shah woman with loooong blond hair behind Kristen, willing her magical powers for the hemline of Kristen's dress to actually cover her crotch.

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