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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Ashton Kutcher Has Style

It is so American of you Ashton to wear a Chicago Bears cap to a Chelsea FC v Inter Milan SOCCER game.

Dainty skinny ankles Ash.

Ashton, love ya, respect ya, love your wife, but you gotta get rid of that jacket. It looks like a wind breaker you get at a camping store.

Attempting to avoid the beauty of his eyes to focus on the lovely color of his tie is tough.


I am ignoring how frumpy and old Demi looks to focus on Ashton Kutcher's moxie to wear a Russian fur hat. Love it.

I am in love with his scarf and nicely tailored grey jacket. I really hate men in pinstripes. I just can't get the whole mafia gangster in pinstripe images out of my head. Not all men who wear pinstripes are mafia, I know but still.

I love a man who wears velvet. I find that sexy.

I love a man who wears any form of purple. I love his cashmere magenta sweater with a sophisticated plaid clean coat and silk pants.

Yummy with also yummy Chad Michael Murray (what's up with his half-styled hay stack hair?) who looks sexy, suavely holding his wine glass.

I am one of the few who find this barbaric disheveled Ashton beastly sexy. And he's wearing velvet!
I love the blues- they bring electricity to his pants and shoes that just don't quite work with his leather jacket and blue collar shirt and striped sweater.

It's like it's Valentines Day. Not a lot of men dare to be matchy and I give Ashton credit for doing so boldly. The grey pants work well with his grey shirt.

A coffee run usually doesn't look this good. I love the brightness of this put-together collar and sleeves look under his v-neck sweater.

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