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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Style File: Taylor Swift

"My personal style is girly. I love dresses, high-waisted skirts and flirty little skirts with cute flowery things on them. I love headbands and old antique necklaces. I'm really into retro fashion like things that were beautiful then and can still be beautiful now in a more modernized way. I very rarely wear jeans because awhile back I decided that jeans make me tired, so I just wear skirts and dresses. I couldn't live without comfy cardigan sweaters because I get cold really easily. I'm always wearing a dress, so whenever I go inside where there's air conditioning, I'm the first one to get freezing cold, so I need something to put on top like a little wrap."

Taylor loves:


"Mary Janes go with everything."


"Banana Republic has some really cool tailored jackets and blazers. I look for really preppy things."

"It's cool to go to Forever 21 and find something people compliment you on like it's designer."

"I got a necklace I really like from Urban Outfitters: it's really long with a charm on the end of it."

"I'm inspired by how people dressed in the 60's and that beautiful, feminine energy of Jackie O. I like how faeries look with little dresses. I like sparkles. And glitter."

Taylor's tips for dressing your height:
1. "Keep an eye on length. Dresses made for regular heights can look like shirts on tall girls. Find styles that hit just above the knee or halfway up your theigh. Avoid cuts that sit at the top of the thigh."

2. Don't be afraid of high heels! I went through a phase where I wouldn't wear high heels because I felt like a giant giraffe. Now I wear heels. It's all how you carry yourself."

3. "Walk like a model. Throw your shoulders back at all times."

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