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Monday, 28 December 2009

Take a Chance with Chance

I recently discovered a new artist who specializes in musical producing and has recently started recording in debut album, Nice Guy. Chance uses a myriad of beats, melodies, vocals and poignant lyrics in his work. I have been awaiting the album release, and am currently loving his single 'Couldn't Find You Interlude'. It makes me wonder, what the next step he will take.

Clifton Blair, better known by his stage name, Chance, is an American hip hop artist and visionary. Born in Fort Washington, Maryland, Chance spent a good portion of his life converting his love for music into tangible sounds for people from all walks of life to enjoy. Chance's music is a product of experimentation, feeling and passion. He began by experimenting with Techno music; this period in his music career provided him with a unique sound that is still present in his music today. After his bit with Techno music, Chance eased into the rap scene and once more began to experiment with new sounds. It was during his dealings with rap music that Chance began to inject more of his personality into his music. The result was a new sound that is derived from Chance's unique world view. In wake of his mother's lost battle with breast cancer, Chance took a break from the music scene. Fortunately, he was able to create triumph amidst tragedy in the form of a refurbished return to music. Chance is a brand of music that refuses to be limited to the traditions or conventions of contemporary music. When Chance creates music, he creates a portrait of himself. Chance does not just create music, he spills his soul into his melodies and beats. Listen closely and his mind might just speak to you.
http://www.chanceismusic.com/ is Chance's Official Website

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